Titleist Pro V1 vs. Callaway Chrome Soft – Review

8 thoughts on “Titleist Pro V1 vs. Callaway Chrome Soft – Review”

  1. I have played both balls. as you stated, the chrome soft is quieter and softer but the perform about the same. The price is the difference so I play Chrmw soft because not only are they less expensive they last much longer. The pro v scars up quickly. Callaway gets played till I lose it

    1. I agree totally! If someone gave me golf balls I’d take either one. Pro V or Chrome Soft. I do like the Truvis black and yellow too.

      1. I also agree and love the Truvis black and yellow for focus and It is very identifiable on the coarse. You can really see how you are rolling it with the putter more than a solid ball. It’s worth the little bit of heckling from your golf buddy. I was able to adjust to it in just a couple of holes

  2. let me start by saying…I am a Titleist guy through the entire bag, from my 917 D2 to my Newport 2.5 and have played titleist balls back to the balata days. With that said, I switched to the chrome soft when they came out and have compared ProV1 vs Chrome soft every year of changes. In the end you get the same performance, better feel, better durability and lower cost (avg 6 to 10 dollars a dozen) from the Chrome soft. I find that those who stick to ProV 1 are usually brand snobs and tend to have ego handicaps….

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