TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x golf ball review

2 thoughts on “TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x golf ball review”

  1. Overall, a ball I will continue to game for a little while. Mostly positive, but one negative…

    I’ve gamed the ProV1 for years but was really intrigued when this ball came out, and considering the fact the TP5s are more affordable than the V1s, I decided to buy a dozen TP5s.

    Appearance wise, I like the bright white color. It’s more of a cleaner, brighter white than the V1. Off the tee I felt very confident with this ball. I felt like I had more control of the shaping of my drives. Feels solid off the tee, makes a nice ping sound. I’d say I may have seen a slight increase in distance.

    With my irons, I liked the way the ball launched, especially with my mid irons (6-7 irons). Again, the feel was nice and soft. Conditions were unusually windy, so I had to control trajectory, and I found it very easy to hit it both high and low through the wind. Distance was fantastic.

    Now to the short game aspect. 120 yards and in equate to pars and birdies for me. I am a wedge playing scoring machine. Four SM6 wedges in 46.08, 52.08, 56.14 and 60.10. I know that if I’m within wedge distance, I’m practically guaranteed to land it on the green. I take a very aggressive descending blow to the ball, taking massive divots, thus maximizing backspin. I was honestly not impressed with the spin of the TP5 at all. I struck three full-shot wedges during my round – a 46* pitching wedge, a 52* gap wedge and a 60* lob wedge. As a long time V1 gamer, I get tremendous check and backspin with my wedges on the partial and full shots. Not even one of those three shots dropped and stopped. I’d compare the landing of each three balls on the green to a 9 iron with a V1. One of those shots I hit with a headwind at a pin located in front of a downslope – ideal backspin wedge shot – and the ball seemed to just not want to back up or stick. While this was unfortunate, I also must note that This review is based on 18 holes of play. Before that, I had never gamed the TP5. Thus, combined with the windy conditions, my experience with the wedge spin of the TP5 aren’t a bottom line assessment. I additionally found similar results on chip and pitch shots off tight lies. Some check, but not comparable to the V1.
    I did find the TP5 to have pretty decent spin out of the sand, however.

    I’m not very specific when it comes to feel off the putter, but I was satisfied with the TP5’s feel and sound.

    Durability-wise, before hitting my first TP5 into the water on the tenth, there were some minor scuffs. ProV1 is more durable in my opinion, so there is room for improvement there.

    Overall, a nice ball. Not sure yet if it’s worthy of ditching the ProV1, but if short game spin improves in better conditions, I will consider it.

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